The Year You Were Born – 1983


January 22nd – Björn Borg retires from tennis after winning 5 consecutive Wimbledon championships.

January 31st – Seatbelt use for drivers and front seat passengers becomes mandatory in the United Kingdom.

February 28th – The final episode of M*A*S*H is aired and the record of most watched episode is broken.

May 11th – Aberdeen FC beat Real Madrid 2-1 (after extra time) to win the European Cup Winner’s Cup in 1983 and become the only third Scottish side to win a European trophy.

September 24th – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers launch their first, self-titled, album.

September 25th – Maze Prison escape: 38 Irish republican prisoners, armed with six handguns, hijack a prison meals lorry and smash their way out of HMP Maze, in the largest prison escape since World War II and in British history.

October 2nd – Neil Kinnock is elected leader of the British Labour Party..

November 13th – The first United States cruise missiles arrive at Greenham Common Airbase in England amid the protests from peace campaigners.

November 26th – Brink’s-MAT robbery: In London, 6,800 gold bars worth nearly £26 million are taken from the Brink’s-MAT vaule at Heathrow Airport. Only a fraction of the gold is ever recovered, and only 2 men are convicted of the crime.

Date Unknown – Mcdonald’s introduces the McNugget.


February 11th – Radael Van der Vaart, Dutch footballer.

April 1st – Franck Ribery, French footballer.

April 15th – Matt Cardle, English singer-songwriter and guitarist.

April 23rd – Taio Cruz, British singer-songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper, and entrepreneur.

May 13th – Natalie Cassidy, British actress.

May 30th – Jennifer Ellison, British actress.

June 8th – Kim Clijsters, Belgian tennis player.

June 30th – Cheryl Cole, British singer and TV personality.

August 19th – Reeva Steenkamp, South African Model (Died 2013).

September 14th – Amy Winehouse, British singer (Died 2011).


January 2nd – Dick Emery, British comedian.

January 28th – Billy Fury, British musician.

February 4th – Karen Carpenter, American singer and drummer.

February 25th – Tennessee Williams, American playwright.

April 30th – Muddy Waters, American musician.

May 31st – Jack Dempsey, American heavyweight champion boxer.

July 29th – David Niven,  English actor.


Celebrity Double Competition #15

Congratulations to Richard Davies of Areco who suggested “Mirage” from the Incredible Movies for Toni Todd. Judge the resemblance yourself below

This month’s Celebrity Double competition features Warehouse Operative, Mick Jepson.

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The Year You Were Born – 1971

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A compilation of TV adverts from 1971.


  • 2nd January – A stairway crush at the Rangers vs Celtic football match at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow killed 66 and left many more injured.
  • 7th January – The British heavy metal band Black Sabbath released their breakthrough album Paranoid.


  • 4th February – Rolls-Royce went bankrupt and is nationalised.


  • 19th April – Unemployment reached a post-Second World War high of nearly 815,000.
  • 27th April – Eight members of the Welsh Language Society went on trial for destroying English language road signs in Wales.


  • 8th May – Arsenal won the FA Cup final with a 2-1 win over Liverpool at Wembley Stadium. Substitute Eddie Kelly became the first substitute to score in an FA Cup final, and it was the only the second time this century (and the fourth time ever) that an English team has completed the double of the Football League First Division and the FA Cup.
  • 23rd May – Jackie Stewart won the Monaco Grand Prix.


  • 14th June – The first Hard Rock Cafe opened near Hype Park Corner in London.


  • 15th August – Showjumper Harvey Smith was stripped of his victory in the British Show Jumping Derby by judges for making a V sign.


21st September – The television music show The Old Grey Whistle Test was aired for the first time on BBC2.


  • 28th October – The house of Commons was voted in favour of joining the EEC by a vote of 365-244.


  • 10th November – The 10-route Spaghetti Junction motorway interchange was opened north of Birmingham city centre.


  • 2nd December – The Queen’s yearly allowance was increased from £475,000 to £980,000
  • 30th December – The seventh James Bond film – Diamonds Are Forever – was released.


  • Inflation stood at  a 30-year high of 8.6%
  • Oil overtook coal as the most consumed fuel in Britain for the first time.


January – March

  • 20th January – Gary Barlow, singer.
  • 21st January – Patrick Kielty, Northern Irish comedian and television presenter.
  • 2nd February – Michelle Gayle, singer and actress.
  • 13th February – Sonia, English pop singer.
  • 16th February – Amanda Holden, British actress.
  • 23rd February – Melinda Messenger, British television presenter and model.
  • 31st March-  Ewan McGregor, Scottish actor.


  • Jim Morrison – The Doors lead singer, aged 27.
  • Louis Armstrong – American Jazz Musician, aged 71.
  • Nikiti Kruschkev – Soviet Member
  • Co Co Chanel – Fashion designer.

Should have gone to Ensor

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge braved showers to attend a St Patrick’s Day parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot recently. Wearing an Emilia Wickstead coat, Kate smiled broadly as she greeted soldiers from the 1st Battalion Irish Guards before the heel of her shoe became stuck in a drain grating.

Luckily, help was on hand and she was able to free her heel after a few moments. Apart from a few red faces, all was well, however it could have potentially caused serious injury to the Duchess.

Should have gone to Ensor Building Products

Installing Heel Safe gratings is a prerequisite for pedestrianised areas and as specialists in MEA channel drainage systems, Ensor Building Products offer free technical advice and support which means we can help avoid incidents such as this.


Our specialist technical sales team are on hand to advice customers on all aspects concerning channel drainage systems and their application which in turn gives you peace of mind in bing able to supply the right product for the right job and at the right price.

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For further information on our range of channel drainage systems click here. Alternatively contact Barry Shorrock or Richard Kirkwood at the office by phone on 01254 52244 or email at or 

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Celebrity Double Competition #14

Congratulations to Chris Pask who works here at Ensor Building Products who suggested Grand Theft Auto 4 main character Niko Bellic as our celebrity lookalike for Liam Brindle. Judge for yourselves!

Liam Brindle / Niko Bellic

Next up for our Celebrity Double competition is a new member of the team. Account Manager Toni Todd joined in January, which celebrity does she most resemble? Enter using the form below.

Toni Todd

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Celebrity Double Competition #13

Congratulations to Kimberly Whitehead from Cruise118 who is the winner of our monthly celebrity double competition. Kimberly suggested Everett McGill for Eamonn O’Boyle. See the resemblance for yourself below

Next up this month is Warehouse & Logistics officer Liam Brindle , enter the competition below!

Warehouse and Logistics officer Liam Brindle

Warehouse and Logistics officer Liam Brindle

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The Year You Were Born – 1982

Our Channel Drainage Product Manager Barry Shorrock was born in 1982.

When we weren’t zooming around on our BMX Bikes wearing Ra-Ra skirts, legwarmers and Deelyboppers in our hair, we were painting our living rooms subtle pastel shades thanks to Dulux.

This was the year Dulux launched a new range of white paints, Natural Hints with the soundtrack, ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harem. Natural Hints became one of the most successful new products in the brand’s history and lightened houses across the UK.

It was a good year for innovations from the classic ice-cream slice Vienetta from Wall’s to a range of adult’s gourmet snacks from Phileas Fogg. Using the strap line, “Finest food from around the world”, Phileas Fogg became a quirky advertising icon.

The rubber-keyed ZX82 Spectrum was launched in 1982 and became one of the biggest selling home computers with noisy games that had to be loaded from cassette tape. By the following year, its inventor Clive Sinclair was knighted.

Meanwhile Pampers made some significant tweaks to its nappies. They changed shape from the traditional wingfold into an hourglass with added elastic around the legs. And Araldite was winning awards for its iconic poster campaign Araldite “Sticks”.

Then there was the Kodak Disc 2000, the first camera to use a disc shaped film. Initially popular as a novelty, the cameras were phased out by the end of the decade.

Brand Value – Methodology

Books: Alice Walker writes The Color Purple; Tom Peters writes In Search of Excellence

Events: The Falklands War; birth of Prince William; Princess Grace dies; IRA bombs London

Films: ET; Tootsie; Blade Runner

Music: Musical Youth sings “Pass the Dutchie”; Boy George sings “Do You really Want to Hurt Me?”

Events in 1982

  • January 21st – Miners vote against strike action and accept the National Coal Board offer of a 9.3% pay rise.
  • January 26th – Unemployment in the United Kingdom is recorded at over 3 million for the first time since the 1930s
  • February 5th – Laker Airways collapses, leaving 6,000 passengers stranded, with debts of £270 million
  • February 12th – Opening of the first Next clothing store, a rebranding of the merged Joseph Hepworth and Kendall chains masterminded by George Davies.
  • March 18th – An Argentine scrap metal dealer raises the Argentine flag in South Georgia, Falkland Islands – a British colony.
  • April 2nd – Falklands War begins as Argentina invades the Falkland Islands.
  • May 27th – Tottenham Hotspur win the FA Cup beating QPR 1-0 in a replay. A sixth-minute penalty from Glenn Hoddle is the only goal of the game.
  • June 14th – Falklands War ends as British forces reach the outskirts of Stanley after “yomping” across East Falkland from San Carlos Bay. They arrive to find the Argentine forces flying white flags of surrender. A formal surrender is agreed that day.
  • July 5th – England draw 0-0 with hosts Spain and are eliminated from the World Cup in the second group stage. Ron Greenwood retires as England manager after five years and is succeeded by Ipswich Town manager Bobby Robson.
  • September 22nd – An estimated 14% of the workforce is now reported to be unemployed.
  • October 15th – The Ford Sierra is launched as replacement for the long-running Cortina, and its ultra-modern aerodynamic styling causes controversy among potential buyers who for years had been drawn to the conventional Cortina.
  • December 3rd – UK release of film Ghandi. This will win eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Richard Attenborough) and Best Actor (Ben Kingsley) (11 April 1983)
  • Inflation has fallen to a 10-year low of 8.6%, although some 1,500,000 jobs have reportedly been lost largely due to Goverment policy attaining this end.

Births in 1982

  • January 16th – Samuel Preston, singer
  • September 3rd – Fearne Cotton, television presenter
  • September 22nd – Billie Piper, singer and actress
  • Septemer 30th – Michelle Marsh, singer and actress

Deaths in 1982

  • March 21st – Harry Ho. Corbett, actor (born 1925)
  • April 15th – Arthur Lowe, actor (born 1915)
  • September 5th – Douglas Bader, World War II fighter pilot (born 1910)
  • November 16th – Arthur Askey, comedian (born 1900)
  • December 2nd – Marty Feldman, comedian and actor (born 1934)

Celebrity Double Competition #8

Congratulations to the winner of last month’s celebrity double competition Nici Hughes from MEA UK who suggested Alvin (from The Chipmunks) for Kristian Gates. Judge for yourself!

Next up is Bill Scholes who is one of the longest serving members of the sales team and is responsible for sale of building products including meter boxes,  railway sleepers, polythene building films,  manhole covers,  channel drainage,  fibatape,  torch-on and breathable roofing membranes, eco parking.

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The Year You Were Born – 1979

Kristian Gates who spearheads the development of our Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing Membrane business was born in 1979. Here are a few interesting facts about 1979

  • Top Selling UK single was Bright Eyes – Art Garfunkel
  • Top UK Films – Alien & Monty Python The Life Of Brian


  • 2nd February – Sid Vicious, the former Sex Pistols guitarist, is found dead in New York after apparently suffocating on his own vomit as a result of a heroin overdose 21-year old Vicious was on bail for the second degree murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, who was found stabbed to death in a hotel room on 12 October last year.
  • 9th February – Trevor Francis signs for Nottingham Forest in British football’s first £1 million deal.
  • 1st May – The London Underground Jubilee line inaugurated.
  • 9th May – Liverpool  win the Football League First Division title for the 12th time.
  • 12th May – Arsenal Defeat Manchester United 3-2 in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium
  • 25th May – Price of milk increases more than 10% to 15 pence a pint.
  • 30th May – Nottingham Forest defeat Malmo FF, the Swedish league champions, 1-0 in the European Cup Final
  • 11th November – Last episode of first series of sitcom To The Manor Born on BBC1 television recieves 23.95 millon viewers, the all-time highest figure for a recorded programme in the UK.
  • 14th November – Vauxhall launches its first-ever front wheel drive car – the Astra range of hatchbacks and estates – to compete in the growing family hatchback sector


  • Inflation rises to 13.4%
  • Largest number of working dates lost through strike action since 1926
  • the first J D Wetherspoon pub is established by Tim Martin in the London Borough of Haringey


  • 10th April – Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer
  • 25th May – Jonny Wilkinson, rugby union player
  • 20th August – Jamie Cullum, singer
  • 14th December – Michael Own, footballer


  • 19th March – Richard Beckinsale, actor (born 1947)
  • 27th August – Louis Mountbatten,  1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, last Viceroy of India (assassinated) (born 1900)
  • 30th October – Barnes Wallis, aeronautical engineer (born 1887)

The UK’s first jogging craze was in full swing. And with jogging came the perfect companion – the Sony Walkman. It was revolutionary, changing the listening habits of the whole population, who could now live their lives to their very own soundtrack.

The Walkman was initially known as The Stowaway in the UK and had two headphone sockets so friends could share the music, later they got rid of the extra socket. The Walkman helped push cassette sales above vinyl sales for the first time in 1983, by then end of the 80s most retail chains stopped selling vinyl altogether.

The brand name “Walkman” became synonymous with any headphone radio or cassette player – including a device called “Chegger’s Jogger” which bore the face of Keith Chegwin, presenter of BBC TV’s Cheggers Plays Pop.

In a year of music, jingles played a loud role in advertising. Jenny Logan sang to us about the benefits of a new carpet and room freshener from Glade. “Do the Shake ‘n Vac, And put the freshness back!” Then there was award-winning Courage Best’s “Gertcha,” a jingle-driven tour of a pub inspired by cockney duo Chas and Dave. Meanwhile, Victor Kiam loved Remington so much he bought the shaving company.

Three very different products made an appearance. Pot Noodles, the instant Japanese food arrived two years after its development in Japan. Reebok, the British sportswear company, introduced three running shoes to the US for the first time. Then there was Trivial Pursuit, the general knowledge board game.

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