The Year You Were Born – 1963

Schweppes – Schhh…you know who

Bill Scholes, one of our longest serving account managers was born in 1963. Here are a few interesting facts about 1963.

The very first Doctor Who time travelled into 1963 as an elderly man and grandfather. Accompanied by a radiophonic theme tune and an enduring monster called the dalek, Doctor Who grew to become a national institution. Two years on and The Beatles would guest star in a Dr Who episode singing Ticket to Ride. Worlds of science fiction and reality collided with the launch of Polacolour Land Film and instant colour photographs, invented by Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid Cameras.

Meanwhile, “Schhhh … You know who”, Schweppes’ advertising with an onomatopoeia to emulate the sound of its bottles opening, was winning awards. Its Christmas campaign featured a child dreaming on Christmas Eve while Jingle Bells jingle and a sleigh drawn by reindeer appear with Santa saying: “Schhhh … You know who! Ho-ho-ho-ho!”

A girl next door called Sindy made a grand entrance for British girls looking for an alternative to the more glamorous Barbie. She had curly bobbed hair and wore jeans and a striped shirt. Diplomacy, a board game based on Europe before the First World War was also a top seller in 1963.

Women across Britain were also introduced to a revolutionary new diet plan called Weightwatchers. Launched by New Yorker, Jean Nidetch, two years previously, Weightwatchers was built around the concept of community and the fact that women were more likely to diet successfully if they could be supported by friends sharing the same experience

1963 Snapshot

Top UK Single – The Beatles – She Loves You

Top UK Film – Tom Jones, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, The Great Escape


  • 14 January – Musical film Summer Holiday starring Cliff Richard receives it London premiere.
  • 14 February – The labour party elects 46-year old Huyton MP Harold Wilson as its new leader, and leader of the opposition
  • 27 March – Chairman of British Railways DR Richard Beeching issues a report calling for huge cuts to the UK’s rail network. This is expected to result in the closure of more than 2,000 railway stations as well as scrapping of some 8,000 coaches and the loss of up to 68,000 jobs
  • 11 May – Everton win the Football League First Division title
  • 25 May – Manchester United beat Leicester City 3-1 in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium with two goals from David Herd and another from Denis Law. It is United’s first major trophy since eight of their players died in the Munich air disaster
  • 8 August – The Great Train Robbery takes places in Buckinghamshire
  • 18 November – The Dartford Tunnel opens
  • November 22 – John F. Kenney assassinated in Dealey Pizza, Dallas, Texas
  • American Express introduces Credit Cards into the UK


  • 16 January – James May, English motoring journalist and television show host
  • 19 January – Martin Bashir, British Television Journalist
  • 26 January – Andrew Ridgely, English musician
  • 19 February – Seal, singer
  • 13 April – Mo Johnston, Scottish footballer
  • 25 June – George Michael, singer
  • 31 July – Fatboy Slim, English musician
  • 30 August – Paul Oakenfold
  • 19 September – David Seaman, English Footballer
  • 4 November – Lena Zavaroni, Scottish entertainer


  • 18 January – Hugh Gaitskell, British Labour Politician (Born 1906)
  • 22 November – C.S Lewis, Irish born British writer (Born 1898)

Cost Of Living

  • Average House price was £3,160
  • A new Ford Cortina was £675


Celebrity Double Competition #8

Congratulations to the winner of last month’s celebrity double competition Nici Hughes from MEA UK who suggested Alvin (from The Chipmunks) for Kristian Gates. Judge for yourself!

Next up is Bill Scholes who is one of the longest serving members of the sales team and is responsible for sale of building products including meter boxes,  railway sleepers, polythene building films,  manhole covers,  channel drainage,  fibatape,  torch-on and breathable roofing membranes, eco parking.

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